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Drawing Is Alive

A look at the role drawing plays in the creative process from sketchbooks to masterworks.

-Lyndi Sales

A contemporary South African artist using cut paper to create really interesting three dimensional drawings.


Julia McKenzie


London based Julia McKenzie sent us some interesting work. She is interested in drawing and recording what she finds in her immediate environment, looking for the evidence of nature she can hold in her hand from her suburban garden or from her travels to the sea or countryside.



'Husk'. Ink, shellac, paper cut. (2010).


'Urchin'. Ink, shellac, paper cut. (2010).

Zak Smith

Zak Smith

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Graphite drawings by Vicki Ling.


Graphite drawings by Vicki Ling.

-Lora Fosberg

I really like her beacons radiating an almost overwhelming amount of  information, whether it be cliches or color strips.

more Christopher Wool. There is something about his work that just does it for me (and apparently a lot of other people). Maybe it’s that it feels like something we stumbled across in our own studios when we were half-heartedly and dejectedly gessoeing over our own paintings that just didn’t work and somehow during that painful process thought for a moment, just a moment, that we found something new….a life for the painting we didn’t plan on….but we painted over it anyway…..back to boring white….

-Christopher Wool

-Christopher Wool

Ellen Gallagher

Eve Ascheim

Rocio Rodriguez


One of the things I really love about her work is the way it feels so raw and gestural and yet in places there is a certain unnatural element to it as if someone ran her drawings through a computer program but had no idea what the hell they were doing. 

Diann Bauer
lassical, contemporary, polished, raw.

Helen Booth


Willem De Kooning

I didn’t like De Kooning much at first. Now I do. 

Tatiana Trouve
Beautiful rendering contrasted with naked negative space, creating a environment that feels born from a dream. 


Shane McAdams -
ballpoint pen and epoxy on canvas